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With over 15 years experience in the area of learning and development, Price Management Consultancy (“PMC”) understands the importance of effective leadership. Research states that 75% of staff leave their bosses not their jobs, “be the reason staff stay, not the reason they leave”.

Our Mission

To create exceptional leaders who create exceptional staff, who create exceptional businesses.

"A true leader leaves no one

Our Values


Always striving to put our best foot forward, so you can too


You can count on us to provide the services you need to become the best


Able to deliver results, time and time again

Specialist Subjects

Some areas require a specialist approach and why PMC have put together various programmes to tackle these, such as Transformational Leadership Skills and Managing with Emotional Intelligence.

Responsive Training

Unpredictable situations sometimes arise that can effect work and management. With movements such as Black Lives matter and an unprecedented pandemic with COVID-19, we sat down as a business and came up with some responsive training programmes to help navigate these challenging times and beyond.


Myers-Briggs personality type indicator is a self-report inventory designed to help you to identify your own personality type, your strengths, and your preferences.​​

What our participants say about us

“Marjorie assisted me in setting up and registering my new business. I found her to be patient, focussed and diligent in her approach. Her advice and business awareness for start-up companies were second to none, and I would highly recommend PMC services."
The Cut
“Marjorie has exceptional coaching & mentoring skills. She is an excellent motivator and communicator and was very supportive in solidifying my business objectives, goals and vision plans. I was delighted with the support and help from using PMC services.”
Grace Cuisine Foods Ltd
"I attended a training session facilitated by Marjorie from PMC; I found the information she provided very useful and easy to understand. Marjorie has a friendly approach and ensures that all participants understand and encourages everyone to participate."
Sweet Paper Creations